about us

Rankfull provides employers with an innovative employment platform:

  • Verified, anonymous and comment-free reviews, joined with job postings
  • Reputation and brand management;
  • Professional services.

Using blockchain digital identification, artificial intelligence and machine learning, it will revolutionize what it's like to work where.

our vision

Rankfull's vision is to use innovative technologies to empower employers to attract and retain top talent, control their online reputations, increase employee satisfaction, and provide healthy work cultures for their employees.

Our mission

Rankfull was born to empower employers from being harmed by potentially defamatory comments, trade secret leakage and IP loss - and to help job candidates to find the right company cultures for them.

Rankfull has a heart for job seekers and employees. We want you to find employers that help you, your families, and your communities to grow and prosper. Help them to help you.

We need to be a top workplace too, so we focus on attracting and retaining a great team who want to be here. We strive to pay livable wages and offer opportunities to those who are in career transition, apprentices, under-represented minorities, seeking their first work experiences, veterans, formerly incarcerated, or with disabilities.

We have college degrees, but we're not that elitist tech company that only hires the bros from Stanford. The co-founders are women, mothers, and volunteers in our communities.

We made the conscious decision to give 10% of our profits to retrain workers, educate women and girls, and provide opportunities for URMs to get into tech.

Rankfull is a female-founded HR tech disruptor startup in Portland, OR. The team has startup, mid-market & Fortune 50 experience across tech, sales, marketing, finance, data, PR & HR with an innovative product roadmap including blockchain, AI & ML. 

Co-founder Kristine Campbell came up with this idea after leaving her corporate job at Microsoft. It baffled her that employers have to pay massive amounts of money in order to defend themselves against negative online reviews. 

Plus all of that lost top talent! Ridiculously expensive.

She asked around, paid for market research, used trial and error testing, and voila. Rankfull.

Kristine worked in HR tech at Microsoft and has been a hiring manager at three great companies: Microsoft, Nike and Avalara.

Helene Love Snell worked in PR for years at places like Waggener Edstrom and Microsoft, where Kristine and Helene met while working on a massive global digital transformation initiative years ago.

Rankfull came about because in November 2017, The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that Glassdoor must reveal identities of anonymous users who posted reviews on their site. Why? Here's the link to read up on it. Here is the Court Opinion.

You didn't know that, did you? Here's an article from the HRWest blog: California Employers May Sue for Online Defamation.

Isn't this like other sites or apps? Nope. Like the Amazon review model of old, you are not told if the review is paid, boosted, removed or verified, or if the reviewer even worked at that company.

And those apps like Blind where employees let loose on their employers, or have their employer names associated with their awful comments? Oh, if you only knew how painfully bad it is.

We want to give everyone the safety and trust that no one else can.

Rankfull offers verified and unverified reviews, shows rankings and ratings of employers to everyone, like job seekers, employees, employers, recruiters, HR and hiring managers.



Most of all...

We strongly and firmly believe that everyone wants to have healthy work.

We're here to empower and uplift people to find great jobs at great companies and to stop the trolling of employers who eagerly want to change and do the right thing.


In Q4 2016, in U.S. firms of 500 or more employees, an average of 2,260,788 employees separated from their employers each month.
— https://www.bls.gov/jlt/jlt_firmsize_chart5data.htm
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review your employers now!

More than 30 minutes each way?
If you quit or were laid off? Better known as "the boomerang."
If you choose not to answer this, your review is unverified. Rankfull will never share your name with any employer you review.
If you choose not to answer this, your review is unverified. Rankfull will never share your profile with any employer you review.
List a generic job title like "associate," "manager," or "director" if you want to, or list the title your company gave you.




reviews, rankings and Ratings, oh my!

Employees fill out that survey above. Then the employers get ranked and rated on each of those.

Employers are ranked across geography, industry, and market segment.

We ask the questions that no one else asks but you want to know the answers to!

It's the best of both worlds - the one employees and job seekers care about, and the one employers care about.

Employer reputation management

Why should your company be held hostage by any review site to pay thousands of dollars only to comment on negative reviews?


You spend a LOT of money on combating comments and going after people who may post what you consider to be trade secrets and confidential business information. It could come in the form of screenshots of your systems (yes, people snip and post!) or free text. 

ANY site or app that collects comments from users can contain information about your business that you may not want to have shared.

Heck, maybe you've sued too, now that an appellate court has opened the door to suing review sites

That's expensive and takes you away from growing your business. 

Maybe you see some of these sites and apps as useful tools to boost your recruiting efforts. That's all good. Rankfull does you one better by giving you comment-free reviews from your own employees joined with your job postings and one-click apply. 

Encourage your employees to take Rankfull's survey and watch your recruiters get all sorts of happy with awesome, verified candidates to choose from. Weed out the applicants who aren't qualified or who are spraying and praying.

Rankfull is in your corner employers.

job listings & resources

Employers, list your jobs starting at only $10 per listing in the U.S. . See List a Job for more info.

Job seekers, look for jobs in the US by State and by Category. See Find a Job for more info.

Job resources and links to company career and jobs sites are here.


Coming in 2018/2019

  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Blockchain digital identity verifications
  • Professional services for employers
  • Partnerships
  • Community forums
  • Internal recruiter and hiring manager connections
  • Employer reputation management

JOb seeker resources

Are you or someone you know looking for a new job? See the job postings here. 

Coming May 7th, sign up for an account, review one of your employers, and see answers from verified employees at companies where you want to apply. See their open jobs. Then apply. 

Easy peasy.

Oh and hey. Unlike other sites, you can change your answers at any time. Change your mind? That's cool. Have at it. No one else lets you do that. We heart you so we gave you that little bonus feature.

The data always stays up to date, unlike other platforms that include years-old reviews and surveys into their rankings. Companies change dynamics and people all the time, so who cares if a random person disapproved of the former CEO 7 years ago? That's not going to help you in your job search today.

Employer subscriptions

We want you to take Rankfull's data to join it with your internal 360 employee polls and surveys so that you can get a well-rounded picture of what your employees are telling you, and what they tell others about you.

This only makes you better.

There are packages for large, medium and small businesses, tailored to suit.

You will get access to your data and other companies rankings to see where you fit, what's up with your competitors, and all from an easy to use Employer Data Dashboard. Post your open jobs there too.

You can also export it to your Headcount or People data systems, or you'll be able to get it through an API.

Email Kristine directly at ceo@rankfull.com to set up a demo of the new platform launching May 7, 2018.

Employers earn rewards

Send your employees to this site to take the survey, and you gain free access to your data for a limited time.

Try it before you buy it, we get it.

Get ahead of your competitors with inside insights so you can quickly pivot where improvement is needed.

For those employers who are early adopter accounts before June 30, 2018, you get even more.

Email Kristine or Helene for more info.

launching may 7th!

Coming May 7th, the actual platform! This public beta will end and the new fancy platform will come out with subscriptions, rankings, reviews, dashboards, and probably some swag.

Email us with your ideas, questions, testimonials!