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Our job is to help make work "work" for everyone, employers and employees.

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$2,491,000,000,000 (that's trillions) lost for U.S. employers each year when they have to hire, turnover, and replace employees.

Millennials change jobs on average every 2.8 years. They're also the lowest paid demographic in the workforce today.

3+ million people quit their jobs every month in the U.S., in the tightest labor market in ages. That's 38+ million people a year who could use Rankfull's consumer product.

The founder, Kristine Campbell, started the company after leaving her corporate job at Microsoft, where she was a director in engineering. 

Rankfull is the only company to give job seekers and employers alike a "one-stop shop" of all company rankings and reviews plus Google For Jobs with one-click apply. No one else offers this!

We did a little extra too.

We found a better way of helping employers fight back from online defamation, trade secret leaks, allegations of criminal misconduct, and confidential business information exposure on employer review sites.

Glassdoor lost a case in the U.S Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. They were told to turn over user identities. Now, the "anonymous" reviewer who leaves scathing comments may no longer be anonymous.

It doesn't make sense for anyone to review employers on Glassdoor or Indeed now.

That's where Rankfull with Google for Jobs comes in. 

Rankfull provides employees the ability to review their current and past employers safely and anonymously, without the use of comments. Employers can also use our reviews to do annual internal employee engagement polling in place of more expensive survey services.

Job seekers need to know what it's really like to work somewhere, and employers need to have a reputation that is closer to who they actually are today.


Blockchain identification is coming. We're on point for employers, job seekers, and employees.


Rankfull participates in the Decentralized Identity Foundation, with the giants of technology: Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, RSA and more, plus blockchain evolutionaries The Hyperledger Project, Netki, Iota, Civic, Blockstack, etc. 

People deserve to have identities and to own them themselves. This helps employers shorten the background check times to get new employees starting faster, so that they lose less money. It cuts fraud and waste out of the antiquated processes and separates the resume-puffers from the truly experienced. Most of all, it helps new employees to start their jobs faster, which puts earnings in their hands faster.

What We Offer 


Employer reviews & jobs

We're Yelp+Lyft+Google For Jobs.

Only, we give you access to all of the online review data we can find about an employer in one place.

Answer the survey about your employers, and see the full meal deal about the companies you're interested in. 

Our verified, anonymous, and comment-less reviews are linked to Google for Jobs. We also show you jobs from our partners at ZipRecruiter and JobThread so that you can apply immediately.

Employer reputation management

We're the Avengers for Employers.

Finally, your company can defend itself against defamation, trade secret leaks, allegations of criminal misconduct, disgruntled ex-employees, or negative reviews from non-employees. 

We offer a service to clean up your reputation, along with seeing all of your review data and demographics and your competitor answers in one easy to use dashboard. 

Heck, use our review survey internally for FREE and ditch the expensive employee engagement polls.

We ask the same stuff, worded so that employees won't roll their eyes or worse, not take the survey.

Tell your employees to click the Please Review Us button below. Everyone gets the info at the same time - you and your employees. Take action fast to avoid losing your valued employees to your competition.

Subscribe to the right product for your size business today.

Contact Sales@Rankfull.com to get a sample of what's being said about you online.

Blockchain employee verifications

We participate in the Decentralized Identity Foundation, along with other great companies driving towards protocols for blockchain identifications for people.

Stay tuned to see where the world is headed with blockchain employee verifications. Here is a great article to read in the meantime, about how blockchain ID is currently in use for refugees.


We believe in fostering relationships with employers, partners, and affiliates who wish to be better and grow more.

Business is not a zero-sum, scarcity game. There's plenty of pie for everyone. We're proud to partner with and support businesses who believe in sustainable growth through collaboration, partnerships, and referrals, like ZipRecruiter and JobThread.

We look forward to working with more affiliates, partners, and businesses who support diversity and inclusion of all.

We support businesses that actively seek to partner with others who support collaboration for all to have an opportunity to succeed.


10% of all profits go to worker retraining, along with education of women and girls worldwide.

It's about providing a living wage, or even a higher wage, to the disabled and those who need second chances, perhaps after recovering from addiction, or those who have criminal records.

Everyone knows the data when it comes to educating women and girls. It's better for families, communities, and the world's GDP. And it's also a good thing to do, plus it's smart business to have more women employed and in power. 

We will donate a part of your subscription fee to accredited agencies that assess and retrain workers, along with coding powerhouses like Treehouse who help women, people of color and transitioning workers learn to code and provide a better life for their families. The longer you subscribe, the more they get.

We seek to employ qualified, trained job seekers, those that "normal" society overlooks. We're not some Silicon Valley startup that only wants fancy degrees and puffy jackets. We want real workers with real grit, those who don't count the number of people they've helped, because it's part of who they are, not a metric to measure on a venture capitalist investor scorecard.

We also like interns, apprentices, and career transitioners. If you have moxie and a great work ethic, you can do anything.

Ask Kristine. She is a single mom of three who put herself through school to make a better life for herself and her kids, with lots of love and support from friends who cared and prayed, even while most of her close family was passing away. She went from broke AF, struggling to pay rent and daycare bills, to working for not one, but two Fortune 50 companies in technology roles (with no tech degree) and owning three homes, three cars, and most debts paid off, including her student loans, and while relying only on her own income. She also provides an education to a young woman in a developing country, and she mentors and listens to anyone who needs a hand up. You can do it too.

Connect with Kristine on LinkedIn, and fix your profile while you're at it!

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