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How do I get in touch with you for a demo for my business?


Please send all employer dashboard inquiries to info@rankfull.com.



If Glassdoor had to turn over user identities for their reviews, do you, or would you?


We do everything in our power to keep your review anonymous. Because there are no comments like all other sites where reviewers can potentially defame a company or allege criminal misconduct, for example.

Our questions align to HR industry standards. We hope that no one would want to sue us to get your identity. That said, please read the Terms, Conditions, Policies, Disclaimer, and all legal info about Rankfull in the footer links below before you choose to add a review.

And no, we would never turn over your identity to anyone just because someone emailed us or asked nicely or not.



Will my current or past employer(s) find out my identity if I review them?


Because we aggregate all reviews and do not show your name or email address with them, employers will not have the ability to see your name or email address.

Your review is bucketed with lots of others to come up with the rankings, so no single person's reviews, by design, will stand out unless only one employee reviews that company.

Even so, the only info that your employer will see in their dashboard is your title, work location, and your review answers as you enter any of that info in your profile, or with your Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profiles that you give us access to.



Can I review an employer without giving you my name?


Yes, you bet you can! We only need your email address to set up your profile and send you occasional emails. This also helps you to change your review answers at any time.

Whatever you add in your Rankfull profile is up to you, or whatever you share with us by giving us permissions to your Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn info is all your choice.

Your review will be "unverified" and will not count as high up in the ranking algorithm or results, because we can't verify that you actually work or worked for that employer.



As an employer, what do I get to see on my data dashboard subscription?


You get to see all of your company's survey answers from your current and former verified employees, plus unverified reviews that anyone can leave. You also get to see your competitors' answers, or any other company's answers if your HR or operations staff wish to benchmark your company alongside others. If your employees have entered in their titles, work locations, or other info except their names and email addresses, you will see that info on your data dashboard in aggregate.

You are not shown any reviewer's name or email address at any time in your dashboard, nor are those available to be downloaded or given to you, unless we're required to legally as per the terms, policies, and disclaimer below.



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