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Rankfull goes beyond employer or product reviews. We added them both together.

Plus added our own garbage-proof review system.

Then pinned it to Google for Jobs and ZipRecruiter.

On one page. Cuz we love you.

We don't want you to waste time going to a bunch of boards or review sites. Ugh.

You need a job at a place you're comfortable with, not more searching for jobs.

You have more important things to do, like prepare for interviews, get your resume together, update your LinkedIn profile, and click on our ads to support us ;).

Why didn't someone do this before?

Who knows? It's a headscratcher.

We can only guess that maybe it's because HR is kinda a boring place to be in business.

Or maybe because Google is like wicked smart. Or beacause the AI bots are pwning job search and recruiting.

Or maybe because no one thought of it, or that it would work without VC funding? 

Who is this lady?


But here's the real me that ain't so fancy. 

I was a broke divorced mom of three kids working a part-time job. I needed to make more cash to pay for daycare bills, medical bills for a chronically ill kid, and put a solid roof over our heads. I had just finished putting myself through college at the University of Washington. I was driving a beat up old minivan from 1992 with 275,000 miles on it.

An incredible recruiter happens to see my resume and puts me up for contractor role at Microsoft. He helped me with interview prep and the like. And I got in.

I went from no money to mo money overnight. 

I went full-time working for Microsoft and managing their biggest HR tool (a headcount management system). Then I managed other major Finance projects. Then I burned out on that after two deaths in my family within 10 days of each other. I quit and went back to being a contractor for a massive initiative in Microsoft's Office of the CIO, where I met many top global leaders from inside and outside of the company.

Some of them mentored me and took me under their wings to teach and help me.

I landed Technology Director roles at Avalara, then Nike, then Microsoft again. All without a technical degree. I was a hiring manager at all of them and lead teams of people.

Over the years, I learned a bunch of insider secrets to growing careers, hiring, recruiting, getting interviews, networking, and how to land and keep great jobs at great companies.

And because I know the systems, I can pass the knowledge on to you.

After hearing from many people that I needed to make Rankfull into something "attractive" to venture capitalists, and feeling sick that I wasn't serving regular people... 


The workers, the doers, the job seekers, the struggling parents, the kids trying to get their first jobs, the older worker who got laid off because she was old, the good people without college degrees, the veterans, the disabled, the ones who care for others....

I said HELL NO

Hell no to venture capital. Why?

Try Fundraising While Female. It's worse than Working While Female.

And I know that all of this will work out because my heart is in it for the workers. YOU.

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Did you know...

that two big employer review and jobs sites (Glassdoor and Indeed) are owned by the same parent company (Recruit Holdings)?

One person told me that their company pays a top employer review site THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS only to respond to the comments people leave?


Ooo, this is like daytime soap

 I said HELL YES

I built the Rankfull Review so that you get a holistic view with all the stuff you want to know about an employer, and on top of that...

Added Google for Jobs that pulls in all other employer reviews,

Then added comments from weird places and forums, AND the company's product reviews.

So you get ALL THE GOOD JUICY STUFF about a company.

We Love Google

Google for Jobs is a well-built system for finding and tracking jobs that I can plug you into pretty easily.

Google has the geniuses who added Glassdoor, Indeed, Kununu, and a host of other employer review site info right in the job listing itself.

They saved me the trouble of building another review site...cuz why beat them when you can join them?

Google and ZipRecruiter have a partnership, and Rankfull has a partnership with ZipRecruiter. Win win. If you click a link for a ZipRecruiter listing on Rankfull, the business get a little bit of cash to keep going. Thank you.

Comprehensive reviews and jobs should be in one place


If customers are happy, then chances are that the employees are happy too. That means a better place to work at. And then that means that maybe your community is a better place to live in. And then maybe your family is happy, you make decent cash, and life is good.

If the customers think the product sucks, it may mean that working there also sucks. If working there sucks, chances are that the people are not engaged and things may not going to get better unless something major changes. Money isn't everything if work sucks.

It all boils down to how happy and content you are....because you're the one buying the product (or not) and the one working there (or not). You also gotta pay the bills.

Reviews and Jobs on One Page. YAY.

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  • Company, product, service, brand, and employee reviews from numerous sites distilled down on one page per employer, alongside...and one the same page as...
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One more thing. more thing to help you out....

Reviews are good and all, but you gotta know how to get the job and keep the job too.

Right? Yup. We get it.

We created to help you find health, wealth and happy relationships through gainful employment.

What does that mean?

Insider secrets, mini-courses, e-books, resume templates, interview prep, career coaching, and all the insider secrets to finding, getting and keeping the right job for you.

We have a heart for those who are new to working, job transitioners, and people re-entering the workforce after taking time off. Maybe you're a vet transitioning to the private sector, maybe you're a mom going back to work after having kids, maybe you got laid off after 25 years of loyal service.

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