Velocimap.ai (our soon-to-be new name) is an automated, intelligent management consulting in a subscription, meant to map your business, make it smart, and speed it up. Get it?

This is why you buy a Velocimap.ai subscription:

  1. Subscription use for any of your employees to be in charge of your own fixes. Look like a hero.

  2. Uses AI, unlike consultants who guess at what works. We know. We were consultants.

  3. 1/4 of the price of “business/digital transformation” consultants.

  4. All on one cloud-based platform.

  5. If your industry is being disrupted.

  6. If you’re facing bankruptcy or a takeover.

  7. If you’re bleeding talent.

  8. If your recent or upcoming merger is giving you anxiety and causing redundancies.

  9. If you don’t want to spend 3 years and $30 million to “transform.”

  10. If you want to beat your competitors to the punch.

Velocimap.ai automates away the need for high-priced consultants. It gives faster results, using AI to understand and recommend with real-time, pinpoint accuracy where your products, services and employees need to improve to retain customers and grow your revenue. It’s like customer and employee success on a platform.

Our Mission

Velocimap.ai empowers companies to improve their company products, services and cultures through a full, automated, and intelligent view of their company and the recommendations to improve where needed.


Velocimap.ai is female-founded company on a mission to help the world. After paying the bills and our investors back, all profits go to charities like the Global Give Back Circle, Girl Rising, and employee-voted non-profits. Thank you for contributing to a Woman-Owned Business that turns it’s profits into purpose.


Kristine Campbell has a management consulting, technology, finance, healthcare and academic background, leading teams and delivering results at major companies like Microsoft, Nike, REI, Avalara, Bank of America (and more) on things like corporate metrics, business intelligence, telemetry, data warehousing, technology operations, infrastructure, security, privacy, program management, finance, sales, marketing, business management, IT service management, and launching products.

Naturally friendly like a Texan and driven like a CEO, executives love her because she understands them.

Kristine used to be a consultant working on large digital and business transformation initiatives…so she knows how much you are being (over)charged for consulting services and what you are left with, or not.

Kristine thought of this AI-based “consulting-in-a-box” platform because she started and built two data intelligence services at public technology companies and decided to marry that to her expertise in digital and business transformation.

Kristine grew up in Texas and graduated with a BA degree in Sociology: Law, Society and Social Policy from the University of Washington. She also taught at the UW and got a standing ovation from UW School of Medicine students after being a guest lecturer.

Among other things, she is a single mother of three fantastic (and grown or almost grown) kids, and a mentor for the Global Give Back Circle, paying for a young African woman’s college education and working to educate young women and girls from impoverished countries. She is also a genealogy and history geek, having traced her pioneering, entrepreneurial and hard-working early American immigrant ancestors back to the 1600s so far. For more information, please see her professional profile on LinkedIn.